How To Apply

Who can apply for a Sweet Baby Starter Kit?
Anyone who feels that they will not have the bare essentials for their baby without one, and lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. (Or surrounding area.)

How do you apply?
By e-mailing the answers to these questions to: 


1. In what season is your baby due? (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall)
This is so that we can provide seasonally appropriate clothing.

2. What style of box would you like? (Girl, Boy or Neutral)

3. If there are any feeding items available, would you like them? (You may request both)
Nursing items (covers, pillows, nursing pads, etc.) Y/N
Bottle feeding items (bottles, drying racks, formula dispenser, etc.) Y/N

4. Are you ready/able to store the box (with you or someone you know) at this time?
PLEASE NOTE that if you cannot answer yes to this question it would be best for you to wait to apply. Having too many boxes waiting to be picked up can stop other Mama's boxes from being made. 

What you DO NOT have to provide:
-Your name (you will be given a number to identify your box with if you prefer)
-Your due date (season only)
-Your address (You can pick up anonymously)
-Your financial situation (We are non-judgmental and work on the honor system)

How and when will you get your box?
You can apply for the box starting in your second trimester, but if you are looking for a gender specific one you will want to wait until you have found out the sex of your baby.  If your baby is born early enough that the estimated seasons will be wrong (and the box is still packed/not picked up), feel free to let us know and we will happily adjust it for you. The list of pick-up locations is ongoing at the moment and will be added later.

Please note:
The box will be filled mostly with good quality used items. While nothing  would ever be sent that wasn't thought to be clean, it is recommended that you wash all items upon receiving them. This is recommended because some of the items may have been stored for some time or may be new items with tags and therefore not washed.


  1. She is having a boy in January due the first week she will be breastfeeding I am not sure we're to write so I wrote here she needs everything for him and if anyone possibly has a crib and mattress that would be wonderful thanks so much

    1. If you could please e-mail me this information at I can put a box together for you. I run it through the e-mail address to keep all of the info in the same place and private :)