Friday, 30 January 2015

Thank You, Guelph :)

Want to know something crazy? I made eight boxes this month! On Tuesday I went and picked up six more of the paper boxes that I fill and as of tonight there is one left...

I love so much that you guys help me do this and are so generous with your donations and skills! This idea would be useless if you didn't pass on your baby things for me to fill the boxes with. I've even had some beautiful knitting donated just for these babies!

Of all of the reasons I keep doing this the biggest one is this: how incredibly often these Mama's are surprised that anybody cares. And I just want to say that so many people do! People all over the city are sorting through their baby clothes and folding up blankets that held their own little ones and passing them on to another Mama in her turn. So I guess I just wrote this to say thank you, because I'm grateful to live in a city where people do care. I am grateful for the chance to make these boxes and for the peace of mind they give new Mama's. Because no matter the circumstances when a baby is being born, they should never feel like no one cares.


  1. God bless you and those that help these mommas and babies!

  2. "I made eight boxes this month!" You guys do such a great thing!