Thursday, 5 February 2015

50% off? Yes please!

Hey there Guelphites, anyone planning to be at the 50% off sale at the Goodwill tomorrow?

 If you have some spare change toss a baby outfit or two into your cart for us, we made so many boxes in January that supplies are getting low! (Seriously though, their regular price baby things start at $1.25. Then cut those prices in half. If you have babies get yourself over there tomorrow!)

 If you want a reminder of what we accept take a peek at the list here:

We have a special need for 12m sized clothes and sweaters, crib sheets, bottles, snow suits and small stuffed animals.  We would welcome anything on the list though, the stockpile is dwindling! :P


  1. I love shopping the 50% off sale! I stocked up before I had my baby.

  2. That is so sweet of you to help babies. They are so sweet and innocent, and not every family has the finances to give the baby the best life.

  3. That is a wonderful thing that you do!